School Database and Software Development

Members of Unity School Services have great deal of expertise to select and design powerful software and database for schools to integrate all of the educational components critical to student success.  These components are;

  1. Student Information Management: USS will determine best available software for all stakeholders for timely information flow among school, parents, and students all educational records including attendance, grades, homework, lunch orders, library records, etc.
  2. Assessment: USS is able select assessment softwares with reliable formative and summative assessments developed for our clients. Creation of and administering an assessment is easy and simple, and it is just a click away.
  3. Curriculum and Instruction Resources: This component provides access to curriculum and instructional materials as well as the opportunity for customization to your school’s scope and sequences. This component links what is taught and what is tested with ease. In addition, teachers are able to create lesson plans with the click of a button.
  4. Professional Development: School administrators oversee the implementation of appropriate lessons, strategies, interventions, and questioning techniques for classrooms. This component provides teachers and administrators with authentic views of research-based instruction. Online comprehensive reviews of selected standards help teachers understand the overarching concepts and processes of
    the school.