School Management & Operation

USS team members are qualified personnel and capable of handling all aspects of school operations globally.

We work with investors, land developers, corporate owners, and non-profit board members who are seeking experts to manage the operation of their schools.  Based on the need, we provide full management and operation of the school or partial consulting services in areas that are needed the most. 

Full management and operation services include but is not limited the following;

- Creating school policy guidelines & manuals,
- Creating master scheduling,
- Establishing budget and financial oversight,
- Marketing and advertisement,
- Selection of appropriate curriculum,
- Hiring and faculty training,
- Creating staff development plans,
- Faculty and Staff Evaluations,
- Benchmark assessments,
- Communication and public relations, and Regular and online parent services.
We will implement these services to have a “headache free” operation for those who are looking for an internationally experienced consulting and management organization like USS. 
Members of USS will work closely with our customer and will provide periodic reports regarding operation and improvement of their schools.