Professional Development

Members of Unity School Services believe that professional development opportunities provide teachers with the skills to enhance student learning.

Therefore, members of Unity School Services along with school leaders develop, implement, and evaluate a professional development plan for the entire faculty and staff. Professional development is essential in all core subject areas and is emphasized throughout the school year.

Unity School Services brings internationally well-known educators, mentors, and outside experts to the school to provide up to date research based on training opportunities. Faculty and staff are also required to participate in local and national professional development workshops and symposia. Teachers and other instructional staff (i.e., teacher’s aid) are provided a teacher-to-teacher professional development/mentoring program developed by the Unity School Services personnel. 

The teacher mentoring program is an ongoing professional development activity that is currently being utilized by many schools throughout the United
States.  The overall focus of the mentoring program is to provide individualized assistance to teachers and to create a positive ongoing professional development atmosphere where everyone can learn from each other and from expert mentors.