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Human Resources Management

Human Capital & Management

Unity School Services believes that from recruitment to hiring, instructional performance to professional development training, the successful functioning the human resource department has a direct impact on the productivity of students and educational institutions.

Thus, it is absolutely essential to hire and retain highly qualified and motivated faculty and staff to guarantee school success. Unity School Services goal is to recruit, acquire, and maintain a balanced workforce that is second to none in terms of qualifications, expertise, and commitment to excellence. Members of Unity School Services implement best practices of the HR process to ensure that our students have the best access to an outstanding education.

USS Human Capital & Management process is to;

  • Focus recruitment efforts on the best candidates worldwide,
  • Commit to a balanced workforce,
  • Establish a comprehensive induction program for new employees,
  • Provide a supportive work environment,
  • Ensure continuous and comprehensive professional development for all staff, and
  • Involve faculty members in the teacher preparation process.

USS attracts and work with a diverse, highly qualified, and effective, workforce to support the mission and action plan of a school. Unity School Services works with stakeholders to ensure employees are meeting performance standards by creating and administering compensation systems that help retain the best employees.