Curriculum & Instruction

Who we are and the success we are all focused to accomplish for the entire community

USS can design curricula that will provide instruction and assessment on the tools and skills you need to cultivate a creative learning environment.  Our curriculum developers provide clear and concise instruction across the curriculum. 

USS also provides lesson plans and activities that are linked to educational objectives which are engaging for the student. Curriculum and lessons plans can be developed for use inside or outside of the classroom. 

USS can also evaluate existing curriculum to ensure that it is in alignment with state educational goals and objectives.  With periodic benchmark tests, USS will provide thorough, unbiased feedback to help ensure that your curriculum is accomplishing its intended goals. have been working closely with partner schools (i.e., public, charter, and private schools) to create the educational opportunities that inspire learning.

We have and will continue to strive to offer the best possible educational opportunities for generations to come. USS creates strategic partnerships with industry leaders to tailor its services to satisfy customers’ needs. These services are provided to public, charter, and private schools in the United States and around the world.